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Draw Stroke

Always begin any practice session at home with the following. 

  1. Remove the magazine from the gun and place all ammo in another room. 

  2. Make sure you have an unloaded gun.  Visually check the chamber and magwell to ensure there is no ammo in the firearm.

  3. Only practice when there are no distractions. 

The Draw Stoke is essential to self defense shooting.  Practice this with an unloaded gun.  Don't try and draw the gun fast in the beginning, concentrate on a smooth motion then the speed will come.  The Draw Stoke consists of four (4) basic moves.  

Count 1 - Support hand moves to the center of the chest.  This prevents us from covering our hand with  the muzzle on count 2.  The Firing hand (gun hand) grips the gun with a firm grip, trigger finger is straight on the outside of the holster.  If shooting a 1911 or other gun with a safety your thumb is positioned on top of the safety but does not disengage it. 

Count 2 - The gun is drawn from the holster, as the gun clears the holster you drop your elbow and orient the muzzle toward the target.  Keep t your trigger finger in register on the side of the gun.  

Count 3 - Bring your support hand to the gun as the gun moves forward.  Do not let the support hand move in front of the barrel.  Get a full grip with both hands on the gun.  If you have a safety you will disengage it at this time, finger still off the trigger.  

Count 4 - Press the gun out to the target while bringing the sights up to your eye target line.  Press the shot as necessary. 


In order to reholster just do counts 1 through 4 in reverse order. 

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