Being the "Good Guy" Isn't Always Enough!

The main reason most of us own and carry firearm is for protection and the peace of mind being able to effectively defend ourselves.  Being a gun owner and a concealed carry permit holder means that we have thought things through and we know that we don't get to choose when an attack may occur. So, therefore, we choose to be armed.  Unfortunately, the calamity of an armed encounter doesn't end after the shooting stops.  Consider the following:

  • Even if you are completely justified in using a weapon in self defense that justification may not be immediately clear to the responding law enforcement officers. 

  • A good Attorney for a self defense shooting requires anywhere from $5,000-$30,000 retainer to defend you. 

  • If arrested who will bail you out?

  • Most legal mistakes in a shooting are made in the interview and statement phase.   Are you prepared to navigate those unchartered waters?

  • Post shooting time is described as the loneliest experience many will ever face.  Who will walk through this experience with you?

  • If you need counseling or medical care following a self defense event, can you afford to pay for that care or deductible? 

  • If your case goes to trial can you afford to be off work during that time? 

  • Your gun will most likely be held as evidence, even if you haven't been charged. 

  • What if you have to defend yourself outside of your home state?

  • What if one of your minor children has to use a gun to defend themselves in your home? 

The ACP Advantage

ACP was founded by firearms instructors, range owners, and attorneys who couldn't find a service that truly met all of their needs. ACP is your home for the most comprehensive protection for the home owner and armed citizen. 

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